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stl-at disconnected moments cd (smallville)

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stl: at disconnected moments

Stephan Laubner aka STL is a myth. A legend. Releasing music on Perlon, Smallville and his own label Something, he became a secret star to the worldwide scene of contemporary techno and house music. But still he seems to be an unknown person. On his new album for Smallville Records, STL is back with a deep excursion into dubbed-out science of sound. What makes the sound of STL so special? What is behind those deep 4/4 tracks that make you feel like not staying on this planet anymore? There is a secret behind all of it. The depth of certain sounds, some almost hidden samples, the structure -- Stephan Laubner is a scientist who creates a mystic microcosm around every tune. On the eighth Smallville album, STL dives deep into echo spaces. Whether you call the facade dub or house music, purists will find this realness -- the authentic echoes, the perfect mixing. But Laubner breaks through the wall with a deeply touching Rhodes melody or some alienated sounds reaching your mind like messages from the beyond. This music is talking to you, it seduces you. And once you're into it, once you're feeling it, you want to stay forever.

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