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sturqen-neophobia lp (kvitnu)

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sturqen: neophobia

The last time Sturqen came out on Kvitnu was less than a year ago with their collaborative release “Luz”, recorded together with Kotra. In the same year they released their deeply meditative and beautiful “Raia”, presenting a new and more delicate sound. And for the new LP we asked Sturqen to record an album that could relate to their massive “Praga” and earlier works. After months of work we received 12 tracks of “Neophobia” – an uncompromising heavy sound storm of raw and dirty analogue screams and distortions. Pure psychedelic techno impulses. From the first kicks to the last tones, Neophobia leaves no one safe with its killer hardcore vibe. Definitely the most extreme and exploratory Sturqen album to date.

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