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suburb-remise 12 (thema)

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suburb: remise

Suburb return to our shores here at Thema with a new clutch of tracks drenched in their trademark swirling soul and assured groove. Embracing earnest vocals and a hand-played ethic in their music, THEMA038 cements the fact that these two are rising in the ranks of adventurous deep house producers. Hamburg-based Christoph Vogel and Levente Pavelka last appeared on Thema back in 2011 with the Vorstadt 12”, but more recently they have delivered the goods for labels as esteemed as Freerange, which should indicate where their richly melodic sound is pitched. “Like” is destined to turns heads wherever it gets played, thanks in no small part to the distinctive lyrical turn from Lazarusman, previously found collaborating with Stimming amongst others. It’s a love letter that anyone can relate to, and beyond the heart-warming message the soothing chords that define the track compound its emotional weight. That such arresting creativity is stitched to a tender but irrepressibly funky house groove peppered with fulsome bass makes the feeling all the sweeter. “Just Believe” instantly sports a lighter tone, driven by a beat decorated with crystalline chimes and miniature flutters of human croon. Meanwhile “What Can I Say” marks a ramp up in energy for the record with a swift tempo and a sound palette that looks equally to techno as it does to house. The plush square wave bass is the calling card of this track, running joyously through a filter for the duration to provide the peaks and troughs. As an additional digital exclusive, “Closer” offers another slice of impeccably delivered house music loaded with moody chords, a hooky 50s crooner sample and an irresistible Rhodes-led breakdown that truly shows off the compositional skills of this fast-rising duo.

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