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subversive-chainbreaker 12 (vrv)

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subversive: chainbreaker

Longtime Raíz collaborator Subversive makes his debut on Droid sister label VRV with Chainbreaker. Subversive has appeared previously on Historia y Violencia and Contruct Re-form (under the name Deception Plan w/ Voiski). This release for VRV is a collection of 3 tracks that reflect his focused, methodical programming. The title track stretches a deep, driving narrative over the course of 7 minutes, perfect for adding hypnotic breathing room to any set. The other side contains Intergalactic, a subtle and harmonic passage that sets the stage for A2, Telemore. Telomere begins with intense, brooding synth design that inevitably builds into heavy rhythm structures, providing the set’s most driving dance sounds.

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