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sun god-spirts have spoken 12 (sequencias)

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sun god: spirits have spoken

Chicago legend Jamal Moss makes a return to Sequencias with two tracks of overdriven angularity in his most jacking incarnation, The Sun God. If you know Jamal, then you're aware that no other artist has informed electronic rhythm-based music quite like he has. The current crop of raw, low-fi house and techno owes a large share of it's existence to his releases under various monikers: Hieroglyphic Being, IBM, and as one half of Africans With Mainframes. These latest transmissions for Sequencias show Moss at his most avant-garde, so gird your self before you drop that needle. A side "Spoken By The Spirit" works a thicket of hi hats and snares around an incessant clav in one of Moss's signature persuasive work outs. A smudged kick and sparkling lead synth pushes the track steadily along with a syncopated dialogue going on in the background. AA side "4 This Is Your Salvation" seems to run in the opposite direction of the A side—the tangle of stuttering, overheated circuits now being sucked into a vortex with an uneasy momentum. Almost everything about this track seems somehow reluctant—like Moss had to struggle with some powerful entity for control of his instruments. A low acidic bass stab, squealing digital improvisation, a confused thud of a kick drum, a tambourine—all on their way to the frightening and wonderful Unknown.

The Sun God - The Spirits Have Spoken

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