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sven weisemann-inner motions cd (mojuba)

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sven weisemann: inner motions

The modern classic and piano centred album Xine marked the debut by the talented Sven Weisemann in 2009 and remains relevant today. With his new and second album Inner Motions he is focusing more on emotional, club compatible tracks but does not lose sight of the demanding home listener at all. Over the course of 12 songs Sven excels with his very own trademark sound, the sound that became a big and important part of the unique Mojuba universe since it beginning in 2005 and was so inspiring for many people in the years to follow. Inner Motions tells a beautiful and adventurous story and makes you feel welcome right away. The plot of the album is inspired by electronic music's classic and timeless albums of the early and mid '90s, so every little track plays an important role in the listening experience. Even the other musical explorations by Sven Weisemann under various pseudonyms like Desolate, Phidias, and Jouem can be found reverberating in this oeuvre.

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