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youAND:THEMACHINES-behind cd (ornaments)

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youAND:THEMACHINES is the solo project of Martin Müller, who is one-half of youANDme. Behind is his debut album on Ornaments and is a mirror of all his influences from dub techno, ambient, downbeat, Detroit techno and house music. Never before has Martin incorporated his music so much in analog hardware, field recordings and hidden messages. He has invited orchestral musicians to collaborate on the project and one of his main ideas was to use no samples and generate every sound with a range of classic analog instruments using modern techniques from 2013 without losing the old spirit. Guest vocal collaborations from around the world include Robert Owens, Brothers' Vibe, Delhia de France, Keter Darker and Bajka -- each of them add their unique character to the album, indulging the listener in new mystical directions. Limited to 333 copies only in a hand-painted artwork edition. Each cover has a unique painting and a stamped number.


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