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tashi dorji-blue twelve lp (blue tapes/x-ray records)

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tashi dorji: blue twelve

Frosted clear 180-gram vinyl in screenprinted PVC wallet with download code. Blue Tapes inaugurates its X-Ray Records vinyl series with a reissue of one of its most loved tapes, Blue Twelve by Tashi Dorji. This was Tashi's first set of electric guitar recordings and was originally released in March 2014. Since then he has released a widely acclaimed LP for Ben Chasny's Hermit Hut label and toured with luminaries and admirers like Sir Richard Bishop. This is a very special LP package on frosted clear vinyl with screenprinting that forms a photo negative of the original tape artwork when held up to the light. It doesn't sound like a guitar. But I know you like guitars, so don't let that put you off. It sounds less like an instrument, in fact, than many voices -- swooping and surrounding the listener. Whispering lovely nonsense-poetry in one ear while their shadows quietly circle and shout abominations in the other ear. You know Forbidden Planet? Yeah, sort of like that. Not music so much as a real-time dialog of different distinct voices, each with its own character. Except it is a guitar. One guitar. All recorded live, improvised, with no edits or overdubs. What's more, this is Tashi Dorji's first ever electric guitar release. His previous cassettes and download albums have stoked up feverish praise from fans. Ben Chasny was so impressed with Tashi's gorgeous acoustic improvisations that he formed a label -- Hermit Hut -- specifically to put out Tashi's music.

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