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the cast five-popsound n. 1 lp (sonor music editions)

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the cast five: popsound n. 1

Sonor Music Editions presents a reissue of The Cast Five's highly collectible Popsound N. 1, originally released in 1971 on Flirt Records, the Italian label responsible for Paese Sotto Inchiesta (1971) by Peymont/Braen and Underground Mood (1972). This is obscure library music by a studio group composed of Ernesto Nicelli, Stellio Subelli, and Pasquale Castiglione. Tons of psychedelic grooves, including those on "Diatomea" and "Gospel 71", and killer breakbeats on "Speedball Experience." Generally, the whole record features some of the best b-boy breaks to be found on a library LP. This reissue is pressed on 180-gram vinyl and housed in a heavy cardboard sleeve replicating the original edition. Limited to 500 copies.

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