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carlo pes-un uomo dalla pelle dura lp (sonor music editions)

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carlo pes: un uomo dalla pelle dura

Sonor Music Editions presents a reissue of the 1972 soundtrack to the film Un uomo dalla pelle dura (The Boxer), originally released on Italian promotional label Pegaso. The score was composed by I Marc 4 guitarist Carlo Pes, who most likely recorded it with the other members of I Marc 4. The amazing jazz-funk track "Tough Guy" is the main theme of the record, appearing in three different versions. The album also features the tense, dramatic "Morte di un Hippie," Hammond organ improvisations, guitar, and flute on the lounge track "Relaxing in New Mexico," and bossa nova jazz piano on "Joinin' the Swimming Pool." Includes two A3 posters. Limited to 500 copies.

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