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the humble bee-henrietta lp (other ideas)

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the humble bee: henrietta

Following a trio of hard-to-obtain releases for his own Cotton Goods CD imprint, Craig Tattersall (The Boats/Remote Viewer/Hood) returns with his first-ever vinyl transmission as The Humble Bee. The project makes subtle use of field recordings and analog overlays in a manner that anyone familiar with Tattersall's work over the years will know and love. On Henrietta, recordings made in Cornwall during November 2011 are enhanced by the warm fuzz of a vinyl pressing, in places reminding us of Pole's seminal first album with its loose adherence to broken fidelity. Sharply contrasting with Other Ideas' relatively radical aces from The Mistys and The Boats, it offers quieter, more contemplative sentiments, capturing and playing around with the autumnal atmosphere of rural Cornwall. Scuffed, sepia-toned field recordings are filtered through Tattersall's patented fuzz boxes and rubbed like leaf drawings against music box tinkles and keys that dapple the surface like fading, late afternoon November light on a fresh puddle. If Bellows came from Lancashire and holidayed in the south west, this is the sort of music they might make; haptic, melancholic, just-out-of-focus, like hearing musical composting in action. Edition of 300 copies pressed on yellow wax and housed in a custom-made sleeve in a PVC outer. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy.

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