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these hidden hands-s/t 2lp (hidden hundred)

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these hidden hands: s/t

Over half a decade since their creative partnership was first brought to the public's attention, Tommy Four Seven and Alain reconvene after time spent establishing themselves within their own respective fields to present These Hidden Hands; a musical album that exemplifies the pair's unique approach to production. If the Strix EP saw them channel their energy solely towards the dancefloor, this project sees them at their most visceral, refreshingly embracing the extended format with a vigor akin to that first demonstrated on Tommy Four Seven's debut album for CLR, Primate. From the confrontational textures of opener "Trelesire," to the sonically abrasive "Severed," it's clear that THH are far from just indebted to the innovators of old. The engulfing drama of "When Told" and harrowing tension of "Kheium" showcase their singular approach to sound design and their adept versatility in utilizing both industrial tones and ethereal melodies. "Laika," is a case in point. Scattered rhythms, gauzy synths and rugged atmospheres conjure a distressed nostalgia. "Diesel," which was offered by the pair as the first tantalizing glimpse into the project, melds sparse beats with a soaring, creature-like drone before the ghostly motifs of "Hidden" bring the body of work to a natural close. Edition of 380 copies pressed on 180 gram double vinyl. Includes a download voucher.

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