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this cold night-an enigmatic individual lp+7 (dead wax)

Price: $32.99


this cold night: an enigmatic individual

An Enigmatic Individual is a compilation of the most beloved works by This Cold Night, the moniker of solo artist Chase Morledge who began experimenting with music in a tiny, shared apartment room in Austin, Texas in 2014. This young Texan offers an overwhelming array of dark, pulsing, danceable songs but loaded with his innermost feelings as reflected in his lyrics. Inspired by late '70s and early '80s music movements (from cold wave or post-punk to goth pop or dark wave) and modern equivalents, This Cold Night sought to release a wholly uncompromising portrayal of the wicked thoughts in his addled little brain. Sixteen songs chosen amongst the eight digital only releases that Chase offered through his Bandcamp site since he started publishing music in 2014. Most of the songs have been mastered specially for vinyl from the original mixes, a few others retouched from the original masters to suit the vinyl format. This is an essential work of art presented by Dead Wax Records. Housed in a matte sleeve with black & silver pantone finish and a printed matte inner sleeve. The included 7" comes in its own folded insert-sleeve and with hand-stamped disc label. Includes a download code. Edition of 260 (numbered).

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