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tony allen plays with afrika 70-no accomodation for lagos lp (kindred spirits)

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tony allen plays with afrika 70: no accomodation for lagos

ltd repress. 1978 was without a doubt one of the most disturbing years in the history of Fela and the Afrika 70. Just a year before, the army had raided Fela's compound, destroying his house, his club, his brother's free medical clinic and fatally injuring his mother. With their houses destroyed, they had to squat at the former Decca offices. Somewhere in between the madness they managed to record Fela's Suffering and Smiling album and Tony Allen's third solo project No Accomodation for Lagos -- without a doubt his most politically-oriented record of all. After the record came out, Tony Allen dropped from the Afrika 70 band, as he felt that too many people were sapping Fela of his creative mind. Part of the Tony Allen reissue series on Kindred Spirits, featuring remastered versions and original restored artwork. A must for Afro-beat fans around the globe.

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