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travis laplante & peter evans-secret meeting cs (nna tapes)

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travis laplante & peter evans: secret meeting

NNA Tapes is proud to present Secret Meeting, the collaboration of Travis Laplante (tenor saxophone) and Peter Evans (trumpet). Laplante and Evans are each devoted to creating multidimensional improvisational spaces, pushing their instruments to the edge in the service of a musical experience that travels beyond the realm of the mind. The deeply mysterious, epic improvisations on 'Secret Meeting' points toward a seemingly ancient relationship between these two boundary-breaking improvisers. Encompassing a vast array of sounds and an umbilical cord-like connection, 'Secret Meeting' embodies profound exhaustion in one moment, as though the players' collective weariness might altogether slump them over, and manages unparalleled vitality and vigor in the next. Through all of these sonic undulations, Evans and Laplante place the listener within a visceral, symbiotic torrent of beauty.

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