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trentemoller-lost cd (in my room)

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trentemoller: lost

In My Room presents Lost, the third full-length venture from Anders Trentemøller. Lost, much like its predecessor Into the Great Wide Yonder, serves not only as a logical continuation of his work, but also as yet another fuck you to whatever genre you thought you had him boxed into. The Trentemøller sound is definitely left intact, yet as a whole it really doesn't sound like anything he's ever produced before. Differing from Into the Great Wide Yonder, which was a rather bold cinematic landscape, Lost is definitely a far more streamlined affair and way more "song structured." It's the kind of record one can only produce after endless months of studio isolation. Danish musician, live performer, producer, remixer and DJ and Anders Trentemøller has risen to the heights of international success usually only connected with artists in more mainstream, pop realms. His outstanding skills and talent for heart-wrenching melodic moments, fused with his trademark sound, have helped him gain fans across the globe, and blur the boundaries between cutting-edge, underground quality and mass appreciation. The 12 songs on Lost mark yet another big step forward in Trentemøller's career. That trademark haunting feeling that defined both The Last Resort and Into the Great Wide Yonder hasn't been neglected on Lost. It's just been redefined and made way more ferocious, the signature glitchy bass being replaced by sub woofer frequencies far more pounding. Trentemøller has managed to bring on-board a whole rake of fantastic peers, personal influences and sprouting talent in the form of guest appearances by Johnny Pierce (of The Drums), legendary slow-core pioneers Low, Jana Hunter (of Lower Dens), Marie Fisker, Ghost Society, Kazu Makino (of Blonde Redhead) and Sune Wagner (of The Raveonettes). The initial edition of the CD will be released as a luxury "bookstyle" cardboard package including a full booklet.

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