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tuff sherm/dro carey-scope 12 (templar sound)

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tuff sherm/dro carey: scope

Eugene Hector combines his two most well-known aliases on his latest 12". The A-side contains two tracks from Hector's house-focused Tuff Sherm guise. The first, "Scope," combines a dark, chunky bassline with jacking drums and a slick Lil Wayne sample. The second Tuff Sherm effort, "Prime Engine," recalls the hydraulic pump of Steve Poindexter, but with a much more menacing feel. On the flip, Dro Carey returns with "Human Parcel," an ominous number that combines a dark, brooding undercurrent, shuffling percussion, and grimy strings. DJ Vague gives it a muscular, club-friendly remix to finish off the 12".

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