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various-the roundup part 1 12+10 (heist)

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various: the roundup part 1

The Roundup Part 1 is a Heist family remix EP, formatted by the luck of the draw: each artist remixes and is remixed by others, with pairings determined by names drawn from a bowl. Here, Detroit Swindle turns The Organ Grinder's "Change All the Time" into a deep Chicago-esque tune, Max Graef remixes Detroit Swindle, Frits Wentink experiments with Nachtbraker's "Bluebottle" using his trademark shuffle, Nachtbraker gives Graef & Andy Hart's "Jungle" a lovely 4x4 rework, and The Organ Grinder turns Wentink's "Schrewd" into a full-on filter house cut. Presented in a 12"+10" package. Artwork handmade and photographed by Baster.

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