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tujiko noriko-my ghost comes back cd (editions mego)

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tujiko noriko: my ghost comes back

The aptly named My Ghost Comes Back witnesses the return of Tujiko Noriko after a hiatus, exploring worlds beyond those we regularly inhabit. The results of these travels provided the formula for this, her most accomplished record to date. As rich in ambition as it is skewered in its melodic stance, My Ghost Comes Back is a decidedly more acoustic affair in which a host of guest musicians incorporate mandolin, viola, musical saw, optigan and other such wares into the exotic environment where her unique songwriting now resides. Furthering an exploration of unorthodox arrangements, rhythm and melody, Noriko concocts engaging pop explosions where flickering electronics, staggered rhythms, and shimmering vocals all dance on a plateau of melancholic ecstasy. "My Heart Isn't Only Mine" launches proceedings as a slow-burning landscape of electronics, organ and subdued vocal arrangements which unfold over 14+ minutes, delicately setting the scene for a new kind of record. "Give Me Your Hands" and "Minty You" exude a joyous warmth as pop perfection extends into the ether. "Through the Rain" is a deeply-moving example of just how far Tujiko's craft has evolved with its repetitive keyboard line, melodic development and a striking, ecstatic chorus. Having spent time to refine her means of traversing the line between pop and experimentation, My Ghost Comes Back presents itself as an ecstatic experience. One which encourages repeated listens as a means of unravelling the subtle sonic tapestry within.

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