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twins-never know yourself 12 (cgi)

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twins: never know yourself

Hot on the broken heels of Nothing Left, his smash debut LP for Chicago's CLEAR records, CGI boss and Atlanta's own TWINS graces his own imprint with Never Know Yourself, a three-track EP that treats listeners to a different side of the producer's output. A-side cut "Tassel (Now You Know)" is pure emotivational dancefloor catharsis: behold a distorted 909 chugging away under a funky FM bassline and thick pads of melancholic ghost organs while a soaring lead and a haunted croaking mantra take it all the way to tear-jerking dance floor rapture. Flip it over to the B-side and immediately have that sorrow cleansed by the brutal assault of "Suggestion”, a heavy and distorted techno bomb that's all shifting rhythmic cycles and out-of-control synth chirps, sounding like something ripped from a Frankie Bones mix circa 1992. Closing things out is a sleazy slab of subconsciously mid-dreamstate insta-composed Chicago house ripped right out of the back of TWINS’ head, and it’s appropriately titled "Feeling (From Beyond)." A juicy and rotund bassline of the most evil kind holds steady as matrix-defying bongo-and-kick patterns rise and fall while whispered provocations tie it all together in a banger suited only for the stickiest of dance floors.

side a:

side b1:

side b2:

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