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valentino kanzyani-love & gratitude cd (cadenza)

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valentino kanzyani: love & gratitude

a continuous mixed CD by Valentino himself, featuring almost all of the compositions released in the series. For the uninitiated, it's a perfect album mix that encapsulates Valentino's deep and seductive sounds. Highights include "Viole(n)t Thoughts," a sultry and smooth workout, its light percussion providing the melody, and a groove that is so intoxicating, its 14-minute tenure really hypnotizes. "Automatique" is a track that comes with cinematic string sweeps and deft keys that shape the deep house rhythm, its filtered hats forever propelling things forward. "Chord Release" continues to define Kanzyani's sound, a minimal and dark palette onto which sub-tropical effects and precision hits and claps are layered, but never over cooking the recipe, just on-point and effective dance rhythms. Finally, there's "Nesimtitule," its disjointed arrangement providing the space for the vocal hits and wandering bass, and an elegant string breakdown, again lending filmic qualities to his music that have been so prevalent in the Love & Gratitude series.

Valentino Kanzyani - Florence Berry (Cadenza85) [Teaser]

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