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various-100dsr/var3 12 (delsin)

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various: 100dsr/var3

To mark the occasion of Delsin hitting 100 releases, the label presents five new various artist EPs. Label-mates Convextion, Sawlin, and Ross 154 (aka Newworldaquarium) contribute one tack each for the third EP in the series. Sawlin offers up stiff rhythms of industrial percussion, grainy lo-fi pads and plenty of fuzzy textures on his heady jam "Zeitstempel." Next up is Convextion with his breezy, summery jam "Verna." With a squelchy and snaking bass line and subtly uplifting pads, it twists and turns as it drives forward. "Moon FM Desire" is a serene and slo-mo trip by Ross 154 with tumbling drums and thin, heavenly pads.

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