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various-100dsr/var5 12 (delsin)

Price: $13.99


various: 100dsr/var5

All good things must come to an end and so it is that the landmark series of EPs from Delsin wraps up with installment number five. The underwater ambiance of BNJMN's "Dive" ripples and echoes beautifully before Delta Funktionen's "Petrol" offers up far more raw and angry sounds in a heavyweight, spitting electro mould. Herva's "Radio Mutterings" sounds just like that, with skittish frequencies and bristling white noise. Bleak unravels some steely techno loops and underpins them with a thick bed of rubbery kick drums. John Beltran's "Return to Nighfall" has bristling hi-hats coated in angelic and harmonic pads.

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