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various-20 jahre kompakt/kollektion 2 2lp (kompakt)

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various: 20 jahre kompakt/kollektion 2

Kompakt celebrates 20 years of tastemaking in all shapes and colors with 20 Years of Kompakt, the second entry in the Kollektion series -- a jam-packed follow-up to the hugely successful Kollektion 1 (KOMP 105CD/KOM 283LP). As with the first volume, the label plunged into their extensive archives and looked for personal favorites as well as certified bangers, dovetailing the new and the old, the rough stuff and the soft, funky noises and epic melodies. Although Kompakt cast a slightly wider net this time, you should consider every single track on this list a tried-and-true label classic, sounds that they think helped define what Kompakt is today. Tracks from Jürgen Paape, Lawrence, Michael Mayer, Coma, Closer Musik, Kölsch, Superpitcher, and Oxia.

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