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various-berghain 07 | part ii 12 (ostgut ton)

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various: berghain 07 | part ii

Ostgut Ton's Berghain series returns with this 12" and Part I, taken from the Berghain 07 mix by Function, who describes 12" opener "Oxide" by Cassegrain & Tin Man as "a classic Acid track with a modernist feel." "Sca Fell" by British producer Inland (aka Ed Davenport) is a melodic, almost joyful, uplifting piece of music. Fellow American DJ and producer DVS1 delivers the subtle yet muscular drive and the warm synth stabs of "Electric." Function describes Steve Bicknell's "Odyssey #2" as "a four minute slab of pure, relentless dancefloor electronics... the essence of proper, stark, underground Techno."

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