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various-der zeltweg: italian tapes industrial music 1982-1984 lp (mannequin)

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various: der zeltweg-italian tapes industrial music 1982-1984

For a brief moment Turin was Italy's Sheffield, producing an astonishing number of DIY electronic groups. In the context of a wider Europe, Italy has never been thought of as a hotbed of minimal electronic music, but Mannequin Records' two volume compilation Danza Meccanica: Italian Synth Wave 1982-1987 shined a light on a scene little heard, even within Italy's borders. Now, Mannequin Records is elated to present the release of Der Zeltweg - Italian Tapes Industrial Music 1982-1984, a compilation which contains a selection of tracks from the Der Zeltweg tape label run by Musumeci from 1982-1984. The Der Zeltweg tape label was basically used for the Musumeci's members' collateral projects Errata-S-Corrige, Gasdehyde and Herpes-Z. While almost unheard of at the time, reissued tracks by Musumeci have found their way into recent sets by the likes of Traxx, Mick Wills, Powell, and Ron Morelli, just to name a few. Expect early Italian industrial sounds in the vein of Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire.

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