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various-edm b2 cd (electric dance music)

Price: $16.99


various: edm b2

As the title suggests, the music on this CD is electric dance music. Or electronic dance music, if you prefer. The music here is presented by a brand-new European imprint, set on maintaining a low profile but bringing together its favorite artists from various established labels as well as fresh new talent. All the music is made with computers as well as hardware synthesizers and effects. This is the second album in a 26 -release set and contains a diverse selection of styles, some of which you should have heard on the soundtracks of recent U.S. movies like Drive and the remake of Tron, as well as '70s Italian cult crime classics. This is music for dancing, too. Some have compared it to the music of Squarepusher, Underground Resistance, Drexciya, and Aphex Twin, and to labels such as Warp, Planet Mu, and Rephlex. But this is too rough an approximation. You'll find soundtrack music in here, futuristic club rinsers, ambience, and a clutch of analog workouts, among other things. Just under an hour of accomplished and refreshing music. Artists include: Heidi Lord, Compo Mendez, Jidomatix, Black Narcissus, J.K., Alain Kepler, +10, and TX81Z.

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