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various-egypt & lebanon: cosmic arab disco & searing dance floor bangers 1974-1985 lp (cedarphon)

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various: egypt & lebanon cosmic arab disco & searing dance floor bangers 1974-1985

Egypt & Lebanon: Cosmic Arab Disco & Searing Dance Floor Bangers 1974-1985 is a monumental introduction to some of the hippest proto-electronic music from the Middle East in the 1970s and 1980s. These are some of the prime cuts that electrified dance clubs throughout the Middle East, from Cairo to Beirut, featuring psychedelic synths and organs, break-neck percussion, and mind-bending beats. The music is a flowering of experimentation with synthesizers, complex electronic flourishes, hard-disco funk, and swirling innovative melodies based on traditional forms. This LP compilation proves some of the most forward-thinking music being made in Arab world was conjured by absorbing everything that radiated from European and American discos and then furthering the dialogue, with sublime results. Features twelve, secret weapon tracks to set ablaze any dancefloor. Features Joseph Nemnom, Iman El Bahr Darwish, Isahn Al Munzer, Mohammed Jamal, Assa'd Khoury With His Oriental Electronic Organ & Band, Ammar El Shariyi, and Farid Atrache.

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