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various-international feel: a compilation 2cd (international feel)

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various: international feel a compilation

AVAILABLE 10.4.12  Established in 2009, International Feel is one of the most prominent and respected labels releasing Balearic-infused disco and house. The label's output has included a steady flow of in-demand 12 inches from the likes of DJ Harvey (under his alias Locussolus), Rocha, Bubble Club, and Bepu N'Gali. This double CD compiles tracks previously-released on vinyl, plus exclusive previously-unreleased cuts. And it's true, the label is actually based in Uruguay. Other artists featured are: Gatto Fritto, Maxxi & Zeus, Flights Of Fancy, International Peoples Gang, Coyote, Tim Love Lee, Parada 88, Gonno, IFEEL Studio, Andrew Weatherall, Boys From Patagonia, The Globe and Hungry Ghost. "Three years ago, before signing Harvey, before those ultra-limited white labels, before anything, there was just one track that I couldn't find a deal for. International Feel was born out of this frustration and the determination to do things in a certain way, with a certain aesthetic, to create real, tactile 'things' of lasting quality in a binary world. Now, after 36 releases, I've largely achieved what I set out to do and this compilation is a time capsule of those original aims, together with the desire to say thank you to everyone who's supported us, by putting all the limited/hard to get bits 'n' bobs in one place (with a few unreleased gems as well), to act as a introduction to the label for newcomers and finally (and probably most importantly), to make a great Balearic (un)mix(ed) tape. I've no idea what's next, as this kind of draws a line under everything we've achieved so far, so maybe its time to go away for a while and get re-inspired, but I do know this: there is a lot of work for love still to do, so this isn't the end, maybe just the end of the beginning. Love and thanks to all of you, whoever and wherever you are." --Mark B, La Barra, Uruguay, May 2012.

International Feel - A Compilation CD1:Samples

International Feel - A Compilation CD2:Samples

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