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various-it's what we live for volume 1 ep (serotonin)

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various: it's what we live for volume 1

Serotonin Records, the little neuron that could, returns with a compilation of futuristic electronic funk. “It’s What We Live For: Volume 1” is the first in a series of compilations sharing our vision of tomorrow and/or the sound of the day after yesterday... Serotonin has always been what we’ve lived for, now we’ll try and make sure it’s what you live for too. John Selway takes us “Solar Sailing” on a tour of classic Serotonin themes set in the deep space between our ears. Of course it sounds like Selway, but it’s the unique sound of Selway on Serotonin. Alex Cortex has been making electro for years and Serotonin is excited to finally catch up with him. His contribution “Proxy” is a deep, fat and brain chemistry-altering groove. Synapse, the duo consisting of label heads John Selway and Jason “bpmf” Szostek, reach into their archives to deliver “Payback”. What was the debt? Well, that was already paid back with another track so we can share this golden slice of the electro dream with you. TCMF with isti.f can transform your body with laser beams and bass. “We Are The Almost People” is just weird enough to rock you out of your seat so you can get up and jam. Pointsman and bpmf each deliver a loop so that the Serotonin never runs out.

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