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various-lifesaver 2 2lp (live at robert johnson)

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various: lifesaver 2

It's now time for another episode of togetherness, following up the 2013 first Lifesaver compilation on which Ramona presented all her disciples' work. Summoning all of her artists around Frankfurt and those who live around the world, Ramona is now ready to present the Lifesaver Compilation 2. Kicked off by one of Frankfurt's young guns, the compilation leans into a melody-driven warm-up with a slight hint of analog soul on "Digital Revolution" by Orson Wells. Next up is the Italian-born and Berlin-based Massimiliano Pagliara. His contribution, "Phasing Down the Sea," enriches the second Lifesaver installment with some of his signature synth-lines paired with a classic Chicago beat. Lauer, the secret weapon from Kilianstädten also known as Mr. Melody, delivers "Language," a dark Italo- and wave-ish piece topped off with the famous Lauer-craziness. Roman Flügel, the man of the hour, reinvents classic UK bleep techno with "Tender Hooligan." Another member of the young guns club, Chinaski, brings his synthesizer-love to the table with a track called "Futuresex." Portable, one of Ramona's most delicate flowers, teams up with Lcio again to create a hieroglyphic and deep-driven piece of music, "Dive In." TCB, also known as the only member of The Citizen's Band, delivers "Byrdmap," a solid piece of spheric, deep, and broken music. "Brainwashed" by Benedikt Frey marks the end of the compilation and shows off his futuristic dark-disco acid-madness. This release precedes an extension 10" containing two tracks by the infamous Hotel Lauer and Tuff City Kids.

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