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various-listen & die! 6lp box (urashima)

Price: $179.99


various: listen & die!

First reissue, and first vinyl edition, of Listen and Die!, originally released as a six-cassette box in a limited edition of 100 by Marco Corbelli's Slaughter Productions in 1997. Limited edition of 200 hand-numbered copies. Silver-silkscreened black cardboard box containing six 140-gram LPs with all-black labels in all-black inner sleeves, each in a deluxe jacket bearing individual artwork and protected by a clear plastic sleeve; a 16-page A5 booklet perfectly replicating the original booklet; two yellow sheets replicating the original cassette box cover; a luxury 160-gram A4 paper insert with new credits; and two exclusive photographs of Marco Corbelli from his family's archive. This rare collection of Italian and American power electronics features contributions from (in order of appearance) Iugula-Thor, Sshe Retina Stimulants, Atrax Morgue, Murder Corporation, Diktat, Discordance, Surgical Stainless Steel, Taint, Deathpile, Slogun, Skin Crime, and Bacillus. Four hours and 36 minutes of violent entertainment!

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