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various-most excellent breaks, beats & loops vol 1 12 (most excellent unlimited)

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various: most excellent breaks, beats & loops vol 1

Mr. K, Alex From Tokyo, Daniel Wang,Jacques Renault, Tom Noble, The Revenge Most Excellent Unlimited is back with a homage to the primal roots of the dance floor, the disco break. This six-track, 12-inch EP gathers secret weapons from a diverse group of master re-editors who've each provided their take on the venerable DJ tool in the form of loops and grooves that will be welcome additions to the palettes of creative disc jocks everywhere. Ranging from the minimal drum machine beats of Daniel Wang and Alex From Tokyo to the dramatic orchestration of Tom Noble's "Samuel" and the whistle-laced afro disco of Jacques Renault (and a battle-ready acapella loop from Danny Krivit), Most Excellent Breaks, Beats & Loops lives up to its name with a collection that pays respect to the lineage of the classic New York City edited break compilation.

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