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various-ongaku 90: underground music from japan lp (hiruko)

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various: ongaku 90 underground music from japan

The Ongaku Vinyl Series continue with the third volume Ongaku 90 which brings you the best of the underground scene in Japan during the 1990s. All of the new emerging music styles during the decade such as neo-psychedelia, electronica, noise, and indie rock can be heard here. Weird stuff but always accessible as previous volumes; and maybe the most Japanese flavored one. Limited edition, don't miss it! This set includes: Jun Miyake, The Gerogerigegege, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Phew, Fushitsusha, Deme Semi Quaver, Ghost, Idiot O'Clock, Takako Minekawa and E*Trance.

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