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various-secret weapons part 2 12 (wolfskuil)

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various: secret weapons part 2

Dutch imprint Wolfskuil Records continues their Secret Weapons series. Each track is a heavy-hitter, exposes three different approaches to peak-time techno. Doka's "Inure" starts thing off with a pummeling introduction full of wavering energy, tense murky depths, and a startling synth line. A much rougher, more distorted cut appears with Cadans & Kracht's "Lompret", summoning up warehouse memories with its echoing rough percussive hits that clamor for attention over an overdriven, crunchy backdrop. Tim Wollf's "Overt Agent" builds up from dense, groove-ridden beginnings into a climactic crowd pleaser, with a progressive surge of energy fed alongside a Detroit-inspired arrangement.

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