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various-zehn/vier 12 (ostgut ton)

Price: $12.99


various: zehn/vier

Standalone edition of Zehn | Vier, originally included as one of ten 12"s in the 2015 Ostgut Ton | Zehn box released for the Ostgut Ton label's 2015 ten-year anniversary. Matthew Styles's vinyl-only dub remix of Dinky's "Planes" takes the original in a totally new direction, focusing on synth pads and piano melodies. Nick Höppner's percussion-heavy contribution "Double-Cross" is in the vein of his critically acclaimed 2015 album Folk. The soulful vocals of Virginia's "Never Underestimate" (released in advance of her 2016 debut album) correspond nicely with the track's electro-influenced, percussive, and dreamy vibe.

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