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wareika hill sounds-coconut head 12 (honest jon's)

Price: $11.99


wareika hill sounds: coconut head

This four-tracker from Wareika Hill Sounds smashes open their "Coconut Head" rhythm with a heavy, heavy, heavy dub version featuring the original Light Of Saba drummers, thumping bass, chant-down-Babylon trombone -- blood on the dancefloor and up the walls. "Joseph C" is in a more laid-back grounation style, with beautiful bonework from WHS-leader Calvin Cameron evoking his years with Count Ossie. "Tears In Exile" is blood-and-fire again -- tough, scintillating roots percussion alongside a crowded brass section, and brilliant soloing from both. Finally, "They Say" is pure nyabinghi, upful and defiant.

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