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wareika-water, sky, sun, wood cd (mule musiq)

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wareika: water, sky, sun, wood

Music is the silence between the notes," the French composer Claude Debussy once said. The German trio Wareika, consisting of Florian Schirmacher, Henrik Raabe, and Jakob Seidensticker, love the silence between their notes, even if their music is often fully loaded with many detailed sounds, rhythms, melodies, and intercultural sound links. Since 2007 they've spread their passion for repetitive club grooves in the minimal house spheres that love to swing in an epic way. With four albums on labels like Perlon or Visionquest, as well as EPs for labels like Eskimo, Tartelet, Circus Company or Bar 25, the trio has proofed their craftsmanship for multi-layered dance music, already arrestingly deep on numerous releases and during tours around the globe. Now they deliver a new one-hour long sonic journey on the Tokyo based Mule Musiq, the label on which Wareika member Florian Schirmacher already released as part of the Glowing Glisses project in 2008. Wareika are not new to the Japanese imprint, as they previously dropped a remix for the mysterious project Jemmy in late 2015. And now they present Water, Sky, Sun, Wood, an ambitious one-track love letter that kicks you deep into meditation, assuming you'll surrender yourself to their complex sounding and grooving story-arc. It all started with an unplanned four-hour jam session between Henrik and Florian, gaming and messing around on the piano, guitar, and drum computer. Later Florian edited the happening into a one-hour sensation, Henrik added some congas and synth lines, and Jakob mixed it down. The result is a meticulously edited, deeply absorbing dance between the piano, guitar, conga, MFB tanzbär, MFB Dominion 1, OB-6, Jupiter 6, and Manikin Mellotron synthsizer. You can use it to get lost. You can use it to move to a place beyond words that guarantees some genuine experience. Or you just can shut yourself down to it, dive deep into your unforeseeable dream world, and dance your sub-consciousness around and around. Wareika's latest adventurous blend of jazz, techno, house, and world music will move each soul individual. Water, Sky, Sun, Wood is a reverberation of the inner notes that are floating and dancing in Florian, Henrik, and Jakob. CD version includes an additional track.

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