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wire-april 2013 mag

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wire: april 2013

Attached to the front cover of issue 350:The Wire Tapper 31, the latest in our ongoing series of exclusive new music compilations. On the cover: Jakob Ullmann (Stasi interrogation methods and transcendent world religions inform the austere minimalism of this German composer); Ashley Paul (The jazz-trained New Yorker breathes delicate life into skeletal, digitally distressed song forms); Storyboard P (Greg Tate meets the New York street dancer and Flying Lotus collaborator whose animatronic motion-blur is a choreographed form of bullet time); Invisible Jukebox: Mika Vainio (The Wire's mystery record selection... it eats you up, as the Pan Sonic founder discovers); Cross Platform: Vicky Langan (Daniel Spicer follows the visceral trail leading to this Irish artist's extreme rituals and actions); Global Ear: Tuscaloosa (Kevin Nutt reports from Alabama's Sonic Frontiers series, where Improv meets homegrown 'pataphysics); Epiphanies (Patrick Lundborg finds Blakeian overtones in children's songs by psychedelic pied piper Donovan).

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