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wire-february 2013 mag

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wire: february 2013

On the cover: Oneohtrix Point Never (Brooklyn synth explorer Daniel Lopatin talks technological illusions, video game theory and cinema for the ear with Derek Walmsley). Inside the issue: STEIM (Will Montgomery meets the wired alumni of Amsterdam's Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music, currently in its fifth decade of sonic innovation); Joshua Abrams (The former bassist in Town And Country and The Roots is discovering the hypnotic gimbri tones and Gnawa rhythms of North Africa); Invisible Jukebox: Ricardo Villalobos (Berlin's Minimal techno master endures a marathon set from The Wire's mystery record selection); Cross Platform: Cara Tolmie (The Glaswegian artist explains her unsettling, tumultuous public actions); Global Ear: Tbilisi (Matthew Collin detects the first cracklings of a post-Soviet Georgian electronic scene); Epiphanies (John Dack celebrates the theories and practice of Karlheinz Stockhausen and Pierre Schaeffer).

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