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wire-december 2012 mag

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wire: december 2012

On the cover: Scott Walker (In a rare interview, the singer and composer talks Mike Barnes through his ambitious, brutal and absurdist new album, Bish Bosch); Cross Platform: Jonas Mekas (The filmmaker's 60 year career runs parallel to the history of New York's art and music avant garde); David S. Ware (The freeform sounds and spiritual journey of the late saxophonist, as remembered by his colleagues William Parker and Steven Joerg); Peter Brötzmann redux (David Keenan presents further words of wisdom from his extensive interview with the German improviser); Wyrd sounds from the West Country (Matthew Ingram visits Hacker Farm HQ and meets a motley crew of electronic musicians and culture jackers including Farmer Glitch, Kek-W, IX Tab and Kemper Norton); Invisible Jukebox: Pinch (The Bristolian dubstep producer and Tectonic boss has his chest rattled by The Wire's mystery record selection); Global Ear: Mexico City (Gabriel Stargardter hears cumbia sound systems pumping rebel music into the capital's toughest district); Epiphanies (Laina Dawes salutes the heavy music that shaped her identity while growing up as a black female rock fan).

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