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wire-september 2012 mag (wire)

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wire: september 2012

On the cover: Josephine Foster (After tracing a path through opera, lieder, folk and psych, the nomadic US singer finds her musical home in the charged landscape of Cadiz, Spain); Robert Hood (The new album by the Detroit techno pioneer and former member of Underground Resistance is an elegy for a city in ruins); Penny Rimbaud & Gee Vaucher (Almost 30 years after Crass disbanded, Phil England visits Dial House and finds the polymath duo still on the frontline of the counterculture wars); Terence Dwyer (Their 90 year old creator might disagree, but the early electronic works of this unsung UK composer shouldn't be forgotten); Invisible Jukebox: Terror Danjah (The Grime producer cocks his ear and locks into The Wire's mystery record selection); Cross Platform: Peter Strickland (Italian gorefests and Luciano Berio are the inspiration behind the UK director's new film); Global Ear: Montreal; Lol Coxhill (Steve Beresford remembers the late saxophonist and pays tribute to an advanced and democratic musician).

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