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wire-august 2012 mag (wire)

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wire: august 2012

On the cover: Ariel Pink (The Haunted Graffiti artist gets mature, with songs about Jewishness, nymphomania and the beta male revolution); Cross Platform: Dani Gal (Scrutinising the historical record via documentary LPs and Foley soundtracks); Global Ear: Bamako (Christopher Kirkley watches spontaneous Balani Shows combusting the streets of Mali's capital city); Kassem Mosse (Gunner Wendel energises Berlin dancefloors with drum machine duels and organic House); Peter Ablinger (The Austrian composer makes the weather with his full-spectrum actuality recordings); Invisible Jukebox: Peter Cusack (The British field recordist and improviser points his shell-likes at The Wire's mystery record selection); Maria Minerva (Estonia's theoretician-goddess is flying the flag for the 'female loser' with her solipsistic take on endtimes disco); Buddy Pipp (Val Wilmer tells the story of a Ghanaian drummer and percussionist whose unsung presence reveals new information about British Afrojazz); Epiphanies: TM Wolf on the Wu-Tang Clan's vocal collage that triggered off the idea for a novel of overlapping voices.

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