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wire-december 2013 mag

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wire: december 2013

On the cover: Demdike Stare (The Manchester duo mine music, machines and myths from the past to create uncanny club tracks and imaginary film soundtracks). Inside the issue: Heatsick + Helm (Luke Younger and Steven Warwick have morphed from contrary noise duo Birds of Delay into creators of mutant house and industrial soundscapes); Invisible Jukebox: Maria Chavez (The New York turntablist scratches the surface of The Wire's mystery record selection); Laraaji (Greg Tate clears the new age fog around the zither master and Eno collaborator to uncover a musician deeply rooted in African-American mystical traditions); Global Ear: Western Russia; Cross Platform: Robert Beatty (The Hair Police musician and sleeve artist's work also spans videos, installations and film soundtracks). Plus all the (un)usual world-beating news, views, reviews and more from deep inside the global new music underground.

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