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wire-september 2013 mag

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wire: september 2013

On the cover: Young Echo + Livity Sound (Rory Gibb goes west to meet the movers and shakers of Bristol's post-dubstep underground, encountering the low frequency traders of the Young Echo and Livity Sound collectives, DIY activists advancing the cause of bass music via a mess of white label vinyl pressings, marathon radio sessions, cassette releases, sound system jams and online zines). Features: Kazuo Imai (Alan Cummings goes east to meet guitarist Kazuo Imai, former Taj Mahal Traveller, and the focal point of Japan's most enigmatic experimental music collective, Marginal Consort); The Primer: Cabaret Voltaire (Keith Moliné goes back in time to essay a Primer on the sprawling recorded legacy of Sheffield Industrialists Cabaret Voltaire, tracking their development from Eno-obsessed garage punks to mutant House breakers); Invisible Jukebox: Christina Carter (The Charalambides singer and guitarist picks apart The Wire's mystery record selection). Plus all the (un)usual news, views, reviews and more from the heart of the global new music network.

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