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wire-july 2013 mag

Price: $9.50


wire: july 2013

On the cover: The Dead C: The New Zealand underground rock trio have been making music at the outer limits for 25 years. On the road in Europe, they tell David Keenan why Bruce Russell's amp sound is better than sex. Inside the issue: Rashad Becker (Best known for his Dubplates & Mastering credits, the Berlin based engineer is now creating intricate sonic fictions of his own); The Primer: Don Cherry (A user's guide to navigating the borderless territory marked out by the free-ranging trumpeter); Invisible Jukebox: Pangaea (The Hessle Audio producer feels the tectonic force of The Wire's mystery record selection); Cross Platform: Ryoko Akama (Inspired by Alvin Lucier, the Japanese artist zeroes in on sonic detail with her DIY instruments); Global Ear: Kowloon (Hong Kong's fragment noise underground finds a home with the CIA).

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