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wire-may 2013 mag

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wire: may 2013

On the cover: Wolf Eyes (As the kings of US Noise regroup with a new album, cub reporter Marc Masters traces their feral family tree through multiple side projects driven by gonzo DIY aesthetics and a hunger for sonic exploration). Inside the issue: Morphosis (Worlds collide in the music of Rabih Beaini, a real-time traveler who makes raw techno inspired by Sun Ra and Lebanese folk); Creative Music Studio (The story of the Woodstock utopia where Karl Berger and Ingrid Sertso channeled Don Cherry and Ornette Coleman's free jazz philosophies into radical musical education); Invisible Jukebox: Oval (Markus Popp suffers no glitches as he listen to The Wire's mystery record selection); Cross Platform: Pedro Reyes (The Mexican artist turns guns into instruments for improvisers); Global Ear: Ljublijana (Hardcore punk and politicized rap mark the Slovenian capital's zombie uprisings); Epiphanies (How the former Cul De Sac leader Glenn Jones found a blueprint for the guitar in the renegade picking of John Fahey).

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