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wire-august 2013 mag

Price: $9.50


wire: august 2013

Includes The Wire Tapper 32, the latest in our ongoing series of exclusive new music compilations. Free with all copies of the August issue. On the cover: Rob Mazurek (The Chicago Underground musician and visual artist spins cosmic connections between free jazz, science fiction and the music of Brazil). Features: Meredith Monk (After 40 years blurring the boundaries of music, dance and theatre, the New York composer's primordial voice music still speaks volumes); Else Marie Pade (Anne Hilde Neset hears the extraordinary life story of Denmark's first electronic composer, finally enjoying success at the age of 89); Invisible Jukebox: Jussi Lehtisalo (The Circle frontman and Ektro boss rounds on The Wire's mystery record selection); Cross Platform: Emma Hart (Clive Bell meets the artist who installations revel in the mess of everyday life and mundane work); Global Ear: Instanbul; Epiphanies (When Asmus Tietchens's hopes of playing guitar life The Shadows were dashed, he turned to tape music).

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