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wire-november 2014 mag

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wire: november 2014

The Wire Tapper 36 -- the next volume in our series of world-beating underground music comps will be neatly positioned on the cover of every copy of the September issue, promising another cornucopia of occult audio delights. On the cover: Richard Dawson (The Newcastle singer and guitarist weaves his songs from the landscapes and social histories of North East England); inside this issue: Alfred 23 Harth (Born in Germany and based in Korea, the multi-instrumentalist and artist reflects on a life spent crossing borders); The Primer: Autechre remixes (From Merzbow and Earth to LFO and Surgeon, a user's guide to the Sheffield duo's radical reworkings); Invisible Jukebox: Cooly G (The London producer and vocalist goes in hard against The Wire's mystery record selection); Cross Platform: Moniek Darge (Nick Cain Enters the playful workshop of the Belgian performer, composer and recordist.

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