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wire-july 2014 mag

Price: $9.50


wire: july 2014

On the cover: Yoshimi P-We (Dancing to a different drum, the Boredoms player is bringing gamelan to her group OOIOO). Inside the issue: Alan Courtis (Kek-W plots the zigzag trails of the Argentine wanderer, from the Arctic wastes of Russia to the Great Wall of China); EMS (For the last 50 years Stockholm's electronic music studio has welcomed the world's sonic explorers); Invisible Jukebox: Butterz (Grime label founders Elijah and Skilliam chat over the beats in The Wire's mystery record selection); Global Ear: Lagos (Mattin and Xabier Erkizia monitor the changing sound environment of a city in flux); Torturing Nurse (Shanghai's audience abusing noise unit inflict their agony on the UK); Sofia Jernberg (From jazz to opera, Fire! Orchestra's soprano ventures beyond language).

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